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Purposely designed to give you a great and memorable surfing and wakeboard experience. The WT1 has a roomy layout, lots of storage, and the perfect space to sit and enjoy the surfing experience. The hot tub seats allow you to be inside the boat and the most rear space of the vessel.
Coming in under 20 feet makes this surf machine – garage friendly, easily towed by a smaller vehicle and simple to maintain.
It all combines to give you a serious wake / surf boat without the serious price tag.

Starting at $44,995


More room and more affordability! The design team had one simple goal with the WT-2. Create a small boat that throws a big wake. It’s all about hull design and everything about the WT2 is designed with that in mind.
Just under 23 feet this unique configurations delivers more room, tons of comfort, and fits up to 12 people.

Starting at $49,995


The WT-surf is over 25 feet and offers more room, more ballast and more fun! The signature hull design and integrated ballast throw the ideal wake for surfing and boarding!
Packed full of features!

Starting at $54,999

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